Thursday, January 20, 2011


Exam given, guest speakers arranged, assignments ready to go, fellowship applied for, student letters sent. Packed, organized (sort of), I even have a ride to the airport. As much work as I have to do, I may crash on the plane due to this insane week. See you in a few.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Partner is interviewing today for something that I hope would work for him and, if so, I hope he gets. It would make his life a lot less stressful and I would get to see him more often.

I'm leaving on Friday for two weeks in the field. My NSF grant is in but I have two smaller fellowships to submit this week, and I'm currently being innundated by requests for student recommendation letters. WHY are so many of these things due on Feb 1st!?!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Partner leaves for work about an hour and a half before I even get out of bed, so when my alarm goes off and I hear him coming down the hall to say hello, I know something unusual is going on.

On Monday he attempted to drive to work but turned around after he lost control of the car twice. Today he hit a deer during his commute. Now he's at home waiting for the insurance estimates. The right side of the car is fine, but the left front bumper is gone, as is the headlight and a few other important bits.

Hooray for having two functional cars. And this isn't a horrible time for this kind of thing to happen, either; he has the day off on Monday and I'll be leaving the country next week, so as long as he can get me to the airport we won't need to worry about who gets to drive to work. Not too bad for this situation: he wasn't hurt, and we can deal with the inconvenience. The deer apparently wasn't so lucky: it was put down by the police.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

early career

I have recently found myself only barely qualifying, or being disqualified by a hair, for advertised "early career" activities and conferences: either I'm a little too old (really, who puts an age limit on being "early career"!?) or my PhD completion date falls just after the oldest date that qualifies.

I'm also suddenly being asked to pay FULL PRICE for society memberships. I think there should be a SLAC value, honestly, that falls between "student" and "full". Those things are expensive!

I'm not ready to be done with my "early career" status! Does this mean I'm expected to know what I'm doing!?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I recently decided to start paying more attention to our cash flow. In particular, we spend a lot of money on food. Some of this is due to Partner's on-the-go lunch requiring pre-packaged and processed stuff, but some of it is laziness, some of it is paying for higher food quality, and some of it is gluttony. So there we are. I made an effort toward obtaining coupons online, only to discover that none of the things we buy are things that have coupons associated with them. Strike one for my budgeting efforts. Maybe I should just stop buying so many nuts (says the vegetarian. So that's not going to happen either).

I'm teaching my computer-based course once again, and made it through one full week before I ran up against glitches and bugs and a general need to reformat the exercises from last year. I guess that's not such a bad run, really, as long as it remains a minor issue from here on out.

Snow made it impossible for Partner to get to work today, which was nice for him; some of us are not so lucky and don't have a crazy long commute. Or maybe he's unlucky with occasional perks. I'm sure he'll make it in tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

new year schmoo year

Five days in, totally failing all new resolutions! So far, two shortish workouts, nothing exciting, and only one reasonable bedtime. It seems that every time I think, oh it's time to start heading to bed, I notice that the water bill hasn't been paid, or an old friend initiates a chat to let me know she'll be in town this week, or I need to use a little time to clean my house so my friend who will be visiting soon doesn't think I live in a disgusting hole.

Of two lectures given, one initiated an unexpected coughing fit and a need for a break (I guess I'm still sick?), and the other had many technical difficulties due to our shitty internet at SLAC. I have not finished my grant, even though I wanted to be done by now. Partner is back to his 12-hour days. I leave for the field in two weeks.

Stupid new year. Why is it that every single term I look at my schedule and think, hey this won't be so bad. Well, except for last term. I knew that one would suck. But THIS term was supposed to be better. And here we are.

Also, I am convinced that if no one ever visited me I would live in a house piled with random items waiting to be put away. One of these days I will actually find a home for everything we were given as a wedding gift.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

new year

I missed completing my first round of P90X in 2010 by ONE workout, due to this stupid flu. Damn you, new year! Maybe my first resolution should be to stop attaching importance to arbitrary deadlines.

2011: hopefully less confusing than 2010. I would have thought that having a job would feel less transient than being a student, but so far it really hasn't, and I would like to feel some more solidity in my world. I think this will be helped significantly by Partner finding a new job (if and when, that is), and perhaps by my next performance review, but as usual I think it's also just in my head.

Last year I gave up drinking high-fructose corn syrup. You'd be surprised how many juice brands (most of them!) that removes from my shopping options. I've done pretty well, with only a few breaches due primarily to caffeine necessities (real ones, like having to drive after a red-eye flight, not just feeling tired in the afternoon). Unfortunately for my physical self, they do sell soda made with real sugar...which means that this year's resolution is to limit carbonated beverages to specific types of meals (pizza and burgers).

I am also going to start going to bed at a decent hour unless it is absolutely unavoidable that I work late. I did enough of that last term, with my insane grading load, and I really need to start making time to work out in the mornings again.

Finally, P90X take two, probably again scheduled as possible around life. I'm sure there are other things I should be resolving to change...but stopping with these is probably far more realistic!