Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I recently decided to start paying more attention to our cash flow. In particular, we spend a lot of money on food. Some of this is due to Partner's on-the-go lunch requiring pre-packaged and processed stuff, but some of it is laziness, some of it is paying for higher food quality, and some of it is gluttony. So there we are. I made an effort toward obtaining coupons online, only to discover that none of the things we buy are things that have coupons associated with them. Strike one for my budgeting efforts. Maybe I should just stop buying so many nuts (says the vegetarian. So that's not going to happen either).

I'm teaching my computer-based course once again, and made it through one full week before I ran up against glitches and bugs and a general need to reformat the exercises from last year. I guess that's not such a bad run, really, as long as it remains a minor issue from here on out.

Snow made it impossible for Partner to get to work today, which was nice for him; some of us are not so lucky and don't have a crazy long commute. Or maybe he's unlucky with occasional perks. I'm sure he'll make it in tomorrow.

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