Wednesday, January 5, 2011

new year schmoo year

Five days in, totally failing all new resolutions! So far, two shortish workouts, nothing exciting, and only one reasonable bedtime. It seems that every time I think, oh it's time to start heading to bed, I notice that the water bill hasn't been paid, or an old friend initiates a chat to let me know she'll be in town this week, or I need to use a little time to clean my house so my friend who will be visiting soon doesn't think I live in a disgusting hole.

Of two lectures given, one initiated an unexpected coughing fit and a need for a break (I guess I'm still sick?), and the other had many technical difficulties due to our shitty internet at SLAC. I have not finished my grant, even though I wanted to be done by now. Partner is back to his 12-hour days. I leave for the field in two weeks.

Stupid new year. Why is it that every single term I look at my schedule and think, hey this won't be so bad. Well, except for last term. I knew that one would suck. But THIS term was supposed to be better. And here we are.

Also, I am convinced that if no one ever visited me I would live in a house piled with random items waiting to be put away. One of these days I will actually find a home for everything we were given as a wedding gift.

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EcoGeoFemme said...

OMG. I can relate. Half the reason we ever have friends over is for the motivation to clean the damn place.