Saturday, January 1, 2011

new year

I missed completing my first round of P90X in 2010 by ONE workout, due to this stupid flu. Damn you, new year! Maybe my first resolution should be to stop attaching importance to arbitrary deadlines.

2011: hopefully less confusing than 2010. I would have thought that having a job would feel less transient than being a student, but so far it really hasn't, and I would like to feel some more solidity in my world. I think this will be helped significantly by Partner finding a new job (if and when, that is), and perhaps by my next performance review, but as usual I think it's also just in my head.

Last year I gave up drinking high-fructose corn syrup. You'd be surprised how many juice brands (most of them!) that removes from my shopping options. I've done pretty well, with only a few breaches due primarily to caffeine necessities (real ones, like having to drive after a red-eye flight, not just feeling tired in the afternoon). Unfortunately for my physical self, they do sell soda made with real sugar...which means that this year's resolution is to limit carbonated beverages to specific types of meals (pizza and burgers).

I am also going to start going to bed at a decent hour unless it is absolutely unavoidable that I work late. I did enough of that last term, with my insane grading load, and I really need to start making time to work out in the mornings again.

Finally, P90X take two, probably again scheduled as possible around life. I'm sure there are other things I should be resolving to change...but stopping with these is probably far more realistic!


Alyssa said...

Happy new year and good luck with your goals!

Anonymous said...

Your goals sounds similar to mine (although I gave up soda pretty much wholesale except for special occasions). I was trying to figure out how to get exercise in my schedule, and I pretty much told my husband that I can't be on his nightowl schedule anymore. :-) The only time that really works is about 5 a.m.