Friday, January 14, 2011


Partner leaves for work about an hour and a half before I even get out of bed, so when my alarm goes off and I hear him coming down the hall to say hello, I know something unusual is going on.

On Monday he attempted to drive to work but turned around after he lost control of the car twice. Today he hit a deer during his commute. Now he's at home waiting for the insurance estimates. The right side of the car is fine, but the left front bumper is gone, as is the headlight and a few other important bits.

Hooray for having two functional cars. And this isn't a horrible time for this kind of thing to happen, either; he has the day off on Monday and I'll be leaving the country next week, so as long as he can get me to the airport we won't need to worry about who gets to drive to work. Not too bad for this situation: he wasn't hurt, and we can deal with the inconvenience. The deer apparently wasn't so lucky: it was put down by the police.

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