Saturday, February 26, 2011


Dear students: you are awesome for blowing off today's field trip, in numbers just significant enough that I didn't have to drive (I was the overload driver). I know I should probably not be happy about this, but it meant I had time to clean my house and do a billion loads of laundry, so, thanks!

While cleaning, I made our vacuum cleaner emit smoke, so I suspect it will be next on the replacement list. For today, however, new dishwasher = awesome. Thanks to Partner for his installation skillz.

When I get free return address labels, they say "Ms. Liberal Arts Lady". When Partner gets free return address labels, they say "Partner Lastname". What gives?

My mother-in-law (hello mother-in-law!) is passive-aggressively trying to get me to have a baby. Today's was in an email to Partner, in which she noted the importance of multivitamins to the pre-pregnant woman. Sigh.

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a. b. said...

The term "pre-pregant" makes me want to pre-pregant vom.