Wednesday, February 9, 2011

travel dilemmas

Part 1.

I already have the entry-level elite status on airline A. Do I fly airline A, given the small chance that I might be upgraded for free during the long international flight, or do I fly airline B, given that this trip would push me into the entry-level elite status on airline B?

These are the questions that arise when you are forced to fly the cheapest option, no matter what, every time you fly.

Part 2.

Do I cancel one more day of class, making it a full week, if in doing so I get one more day abroad and time to adjust prior to a very short workshop? Keep in mind that I'm the only -ologist at SLAC, and I'm teaching entry-level -ology, which means I can't really get a guest speaker. I could show a movie, however helpful that might be.

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