Friday, February 25, 2011


Perhaps I should be more specific when I tell students that I can only meet with them at the beginning of a period. As in, let them know that I will be leaving at a certain time and they really need to be here before that time. Since I failed to do so today, I guess I'll sit in my office a little longer and share the following:

I recently published a book chapter, and this week I received a copy of the book. I like this system - my previous book chapter was in a conference proceedings and not only did I not get a copy of the book, I had to hunt down and borrow a copy of the book in order to make my own pdf of the final version of my paper. Apparently, official series are totally the way to go. This is probably not surprising news.

I'm running a field portion of a class this spring and I've already totally screwed my budget (or, more specifically, weather and gas prices have totally screwed my budget) to the point where I might not get paid very much in the end (my stipend comes out of the field fees). I'm not super pissed about this, since it is sort of a trial run and I'm excited to do the trip anyway, but if I can't standardize my budget I might not be able to feasibly run similar trips in the future, and that stinks.

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