Monday, March 28, 2011


300th post! Who knew I had that much to spew onto the interwebs!

For post 300, I offer a few random bullet points that have been rattling around in my head.

- I need to stop responding to facebook updates posted by high-school acquaintances who insist upon making everything a liberals-versus-conservatives, us-or-them dichotomy. They are not going to start appreciating nuanced political opinions just because I attempt to point out their oversights, and I am wasting my time making myself sound holier-than-thou to people I don't even know or care about at all. Which makes me wonder why I ever accepted their friend requests, or why they don't block me and my annoying commentary. Also, why am I blogging about this?

- I need to start using more phrases with dashes. Yes.

- Obviously, my early-to-bed sleep schedule is now completely toast, and I'm lucky if I get up in time to eat breakfast before my office hours. I have another trip next week, and I'm hoping my jet lag puts me back on Partner's schedule again once I get home.

- My summer field season is still up in the air, mostly for financial reasons, and I find myself daydreaming about all the stuff I could accomplish if I was here for those 2.5 months. Painting my walls! Travel! Gardening! And, yes, research and writing! It would probably be a good thing to be home, even if I do have some specific data collection plans that I'm excited to get started on this year in the field.

- I finally (!) got my wedding photos in the mail, after a stalled order and a slow photographer. They are nice, I admit, and I got a few bonus prints because, apparently, the sizes we ordered did not appropriately encompass the photographer's artistic vision for those particular photos, so he sent us the bigger, weirdly-sized, photographer-approved versions for free. This is ok with me, but I now have to decide whether I want to get weirdly-sized mats cut for my frames, or whether I am too lazy for that. Guess which is more likely.

- My parents want us to visit, and they also want to rent a house on the coast for the entire family to stay in for a few weeks this summer. I am torn about this: house on the coast = awesome, but living with my entire immediate family for several weeks = not awesome. At least when I visit the normal house, my siblings come and go.

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Alyssa said...

Happy 300th!!

Yeah, I could see not wanting to live with the immediate family for weeks. I find 10 days is my absolute max I can handle, and 4-5 days is ideal.