Thursday, March 31, 2011

off and away...again

It didn't seem so close to the end of spring break when I made these arrangements, but now that I'm set to travel again it does seem like very little time has passed. But, too late to change things, I'm off again for another week in a different country, this time one I've never been to before. I'm excited to add an entirely new continent to my checklist.

I am having a hard time packing for 80-90 degree weather (I know, you can hate me), especially since this is a workshop and I have to at least attempt to dress like I'm a professional. Or at least like I'm not an undergraduate.

Tomorrow I get to finish a few final details for next week's lab, try to find the various pieces of travel gear buried somewhere in my office, and then I hunker down for a nice long series of flights. I've been lusting after some of those noise-cancelling headphones, but have been balking at their price-tag, so I'm waiting for the flight that pushes me over the edge. Will it be one of these? We'll find out!

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