Tuesday, March 22, 2011

small potatoes

I have a tax guy I really like - he always manages to get me a bigger return than I think I should get, he answers all my stupid questions, and he lets me do everything by mail. We've been using him since we lived in City, and liked him so much that we still have him do our returns.

Tax guy therefore knows our history, knows that I have always been the one communicating with his office and sending in the receipts. He knows that I have always made more money than Partner and that I own our house.

This year we filed jointly for the first time. Guess who is the "Taxpayer" and who is the "Spouse"?

Partner, at least, is having fun with this one. "I'm the Taxpayer!"

Also, I'm back from my spring break trip with students. It was good overall, and highly rewarding for me to get to witness students experiencing things for the first time. Some of them had never seen mountains before. Also, teaching a field science is SO MUCH EASIER when you are IN the field. The downside is that I have no downtime before classes start up again, but I think it was worth it. Maybe not something I'll do every year, but definitely something to try again in the future.


JaneB said...

There is nothing like getting students into the field, is there? It's exhausting for the staff, but the most rewarding kind of teaching going.

Eric Reuter said...

So glad it was a good trip. Too bad our collaboration didn't work out, but the opportunity remains open. I definitely agree that actual field experience is worth a semester of class work; it made a huge difference for me as a student, and I appreciate any educator who takes on the difficult task of making field experience happen.