Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the term of doom

Term of doom! You have the worst students. Students whose apathy and disinterest was even noticed by someone who recently gave my class a tour during a field trip. The poor tour guide guy wrote to me to see what had gone wrong, and I had to write back and admit that my students just suck this term, sorry about that.

Term of doom, you have also been filled with computer bugs, which is, I suppose, what I get for using a new version of a software package. Still, this has been frustrating for me and for my students, and I will probably have to bring them donuts or something during finals so they don't hate me forever.

Term of doom! Too many service commitments! Too many meetings! Too much paper piled in my office for no good reason! Too many grant proposals written for no purpose other than the joy of receiving two-sentence rejection emails. A term devoted to setting up a field season that may not even run. A term of frustration.

A term that will soon transition into spring break. Screw you, term of doom. Get lost.

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