Thursday, March 3, 2011

this is a title

I need some more inspiring title ideas. Obviously.

Today I was rejected from another small grant - I hate these little society grants that don't give you any feedback and leave you assuming that you just didn't know the right people. Which is probably true, but it's still frustrating to get nothing at all other than "sorry!" At least tell me whether my interdisciplinary proposal was too interdisciplinary for you, so I can avoid writing for your grant in the future.

I also got to listen to a voicemail from a roofer I had contacted, who had called me mid-morning because he wanted to come by and give me a quote. Roofer, why can't you just ask me to make an appointment? Who sits around in their house all day and would therefore be available whenever you happened to call? I don't get this at all, and will probably just go with companies that schedule appointments, but this kind of thing happens so frequently when I try to hire services in Small Town that I start to feel like I'm the one with the unreasonable expectations.

My intro class this term is potentially the most difficult group I've taught (or, attempted to teach) yet at SLAC. They're apathetic, come in late, talk over me until I tell them to shut up, don't respond to email, don't do the readings, and don't seem to care that they're getting bad grades. I'm a bit late to try to change anything, but I also can't figure out what's making this so hard, other than the students themselves and perhaps the fact that I failed to create a "no laptops" rule. That one has proven to be disastrous, and makes me very sure about using a no electronics policy in the future. I actually get emails from students DURING class, sometimes containing assignments that were due that day. WTF students. You're killing me.

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Eric Reuter said...

I've been amazed at the number of times I call such a business (plumber, roofer, contractor, whatever) and they seem utterly suprised that I actually want to schedule a time to meet with them. I get that their lives and work aren't on a set clock, but the vast majority of their customers aren't self-employed with control of their own schedule. "Between 8 and 1" doesn't even work for us, and we actually are self-employed and work from home. Customer service, people.

Oh, and if you're such a business? Use a voicemail message that actually says "You've reached X Business" instead of "This is Jake" or "No one is available to take a call". I don't like leaving my personal number on an unidentified voicemail.

Anyway, point is I feel your pain.