Saturday, April 2, 2011


I fly out of Medium-Sized City, most of the time, where there always seems to be one business guy who thinks he alone of everyone on the plane is actually going somewhere exciting or flies at all frequently. This time Mr. Big Shot made a point of loudly explaining his foreign itinerary to his seatmate, then asking the stewardess for gate connection information, being sure to note that he was going to a Foreign City and he didn't need a map of the airport, thanks, because he flies there all the time.

Once I connected, for some reason my Really Long Flight didn't seem half bad, and I actually fell asleep for a few hours. I'm still completely wiped out today - I'm not a fan of arriving in the morning when I fly abroad. I'd much rather get in around dinner time, stumble my way into some food, and go to sleep. Today I got in around 9 am, and even with a bus ride and checking in to the hotel I still have to wait around for several hours, then go find dinner, THEN go to sleep - but at least I got a shower and am starting to feel human again.

Hooray for being here!

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