Thursday, April 7, 2011

home again

I made it home, despite numerous delays. Good thing I didn't actually plan to help my TA today, because I would never have gotten to lab on time. Now, ten billion potential plans for the summer, to be decided right now! It should be a fun weekend. To recap the past week a bit:

- This new continent I had never been to is pretty cool - the few hundred km I visited, at least. I'm sure that's representative.

- I was approached by residents of this country TWICE and asked questions in a language I don't speak, apparently with the askers fully expecting me to know what they were saying. This doesn't happen anywhere I do fieldwork, so it was kinda fun.

- Networking is fun when there's no pressure to do so and everyone around is from a similar institution with similar goals.

- I had a lot of fun with people 15-20 years older than I am. I think this officially pushes me into the category of "adult" and is both interesting and terrifying.

- My cat actually missed me. It's a miracle.

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