Sunday, April 17, 2011


I did not get enough work done this weekend - in fact, most of the work done this weekend is the work I'm about to start. However, I did clean my house, which was at a point where sinks were about to start moving around on the power of their bacterial hordes. I also got some yard work done, stocked up on herbs from the local garden store, and planted lettuce and tomato seeds (I know, I am late to the gardening party, it being mid April now).

Good weekend, over all, including a lot of time with Partner even though he worked half of Saturday.

The past week has been fairly good to me - I caught up on grading and, more importantly, found out I received a fellowship I had applied for that will pay my way out of the country during my pre-tenure sabbatical next year. I'm hoping that Partner will actually enjoy living in a foreign country for a few months - we will have internet access, at least. I plan to get myself some language tutoring, which he may join in on just for the fun of it.

I have a lot of little things to get done that are not super important or very time-sensitive, and so they have been falling to the end of my list every day. Soon I will be swimming in a to-do list made up of tiny little obligations, which itself is an intimidating thought. I need to start crossing things off, even if they are annoying and minor issues.

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