Monday, April 18, 2011

vendor fail

Our wedding photographer was great pre-wedding, and did a good job the day of as well, as far as we were concerned. Since then, he's been less than fantastic, notably post-payment. A few months back we ordered some prints from his overpriced gallery, and waited two months before finally asking him why our order had not moved past "submitted". He fixed it, and we got prints a few weeks later. Ok, arguably his statement that his automated system had failed us might have been the truth. I was not overly annoyed.

Today I emailed him to see when we might receive our disc of images, the final thing we've been waiting on. He claims to have sent it months ago, and wonders why the postal system has failed. Granted, he does say he'll be making us a new disc, but two crappy excuses make me think this guy is no better than my slacker students, who are so positive that they sent me their papers via email and can't imagine why I haven't gotten them yet. Get your shit together dude, at this point I would be calling my students into my office.

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