Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I am currently drowning in meetings and grading. I have a field trip this weekend, and a lot of small grant stuff to deal with, and by then I'm sure whatever grading I do accomplish this week will have been replaced by something new.

The labs we're working on right now in my intro class are the kind designed to make a student think about things in a certain way, more than they are intended to produce a correct answer. I have one student who absolutely cannot handle this, gets frustrated if he/she can't immediately figure out the answer, and then asks me huffily why he/she would ever know the answer to the given question. At this point I usually point to some particular phrase in the lab manual that answers the current concern, or I walk them through the thought process required. This is fine, except that it happens over and over again and the student still refuses to spend three seconds reading the manual or thinking. I don't know what to do with them except to impose some sort of time-out requirement, in which they are not allowed to ask me questions until they have spent at least three minutes trying to figure it out.

Also, I do not appreciate huffy students.

Partner is still home, trying not to hurt himself any more than he already has. Contemplating his retirement activities. Budgeting. It's a good thing we were planning for this anyway.

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