Friday, May 27, 2011

things that shouldn't surprise me

End of term, which means students crawling out of the woodwork. It also means a light at the end of the tunnel, which makes those students bearable, but there are always a few of my favorites:

- students who couldn't be bothered to come to lab during the lab period, and send emails at midnight asking me to set up the entire lab again at their convenience, but asap since they're stressed and trying to finish their work for the term.

- students who just don't show up for the last week or so, leading me to wonder whether they've given up entirely or whether they've had something significant happen that I should probably know about.

- students who want to take their final exam early for various personal reasons, some of which are actually valid.

- students who don't turn anything in, leading me to curse their names as I anticipate their failure.

I have research sitting on my desk, begging for my attention, and I just can't make time for it...yet. This is the most tortuous period of the entire academic year - freedom is close, but yet untouchable.

I'll be back to loving this job, just give me about a week.

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