Thursday, June 30, 2011

it figures

We have an awesome, ginormous tree on the west side of our house - perfect for shade in the summer and one of my favorite things about our house. Today while being responsible home-owners and having our tree trimmed for probably the first time in many many years, we found out that the majority of the uppermost branches are hollow, and we should have the whole thing removed lest it fall on our brand-new roof.

I really should have expected that as soon as we dropped a large sum of money on one house update, something else would happen. This one I didn't foresee, which makes it even more frustrating. Partner has decided that we're not having anything else inspected/managed/trimmed ever again, because he just doesn't want to know what else this damned house will need.

Stupid tree. I hope it remains standing at least until Partner finds a job...which may be a while.

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