Monday, June 6, 2011

radio silent

The end of the term is always exhausting, and then I find myself completely unmotivated to do anything at all once graduation is finally over. So, in an effort to avoid entirely negative commentary, I've had nothing to say.

And suddenly it's June 6! Which makes me realize that summer is going to fly by unless I grab some. So I guess I will try to make it into the office tomorrow - the heat this week is not helping my motivation. I do need to clean up the lab from the term so my summer students can get to work.

I will also be getting into shape this summer - we broke down and re-joined the local fitness center now that Partner has the time to spend lifting weights. I will probably still be doing my cardio at home, but I may see what some of these fitness craze classes are like - I somehow don't expect to enjoy Zumba, but I guess I will try it once.

We may not have done much over the past few days, but our new roof is almost finished. I think I get to count that as home improvement work, even if I just sat in the air conditioning and listened to the hammering.

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