Sunday, July 10, 2011


We just got back from another fun weekend somewhere more exciting than Small Town. Our cat seems to be dealing with these short absences pretty well, surprisingly, and I think we've been making the most of our free time this summer. I could get used to having an unemployed husband who is free whenever I don't have to teach...but I probably shouldn't.

The next few weeks I've designated as serious work time - I lost a lot of June to stupid details and equipment purchasing, and that plus travel has led to very little accomplished now that it is almost mid-July. The next few weeks are open, and I really need to get my ass in gear.

To do! More for my own reference than anyone else's interest:

- Abstracts #1 and #2
- 1st-authored manuscript (dear lord SOMETHING needs to get out there this summer!)
- Editing for 2 project manuscripts
- Small grants #1 and #2
- Internal funding request
- Large grant prep and quotes
- 3 syllabi, two of which are almost ready to go
- Watch 4 different movies and decide what I should show my freshmen
- Send in security forms for winter field season
- Run exercises for computer-based fall course and edit as needed
- Analyze data currently being obtained by student

So...totally doable by mid-August. Absolutely.

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