Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So what is new here in mid July? Heat, both outside and inside my sick-for-no-good-reason self, but I am enjoying the clean house that is a nice side effect of hosting guests for the weekend.

My student is kicking some laboratory ass and will be done with everything I had set out for her before her hours are done, which means I get to make her do some of the data analysis too. My other student is barely finishing what I request, but I guess adequacy is enough to hope for from summer students. Progress, in any case.

My own efforts are far more lame: I have one negative result that I'm not sure how to publish, pretty limited initial data that will have to create a few conference abstracts, and some very early-stage grant planning going on. But nothing written, or even very writable, at the moment, which is frustrating. Also, MIA colleagues don't help.

I should probably just give up and paint something in my house. At least then I'll have something to show for July.

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