Tuesday, August 9, 2011


The lab is semi-clean, my summer students are finished, and my samples are off being processed/analyzed/dealt with by others. I even cleaned and organized my office. So Partner and I are off for some real vacation in states far away from here, where the weather and views will be notably more pleasant.

Right now I'm filling up a data stick with spreadsheets, manuscript drafts, and unfinished syllabi, because although I don't plan on doing any work, I feel guilty leaving it all at home. I'm sure that's a sign of some sort of complex.

So begins the last hurrah.


JaneB said...

My PhD group called this the 'conscience box syndrome' - where you could only silence your conscience by taking a box of reading, writing etc. with you wherever you were going, even if you never opened the box. At least these days it's not an actual large box but a memory stick!

Liberal Arts Lady said...

I'm glad someone has a name for this! I feel slightly less insane, thanks!