Sunday, September 18, 2011

awareness failures

I missed an abstract deadline this week; after getting everything ready to submit, I just forgot. Although, in my defense, who the hell puts abstract deadlines on random days in the middle of the week? (probably everyone, all the time...but I would go for a late-submission late fee option, please).

Partner got home last night, and immediately added to my general sense of being befuddled by reality. I was confused that I had been sleeping poorly and sweating at night all week. Partner immediately observed, "aren't you taking a steroid?" So, the person who hasn't even been here is more aware of my life's context than I am.

Hopefully I have the rest of my to-do list in some sort of semi-complete form. I'll never finish everything on it, but if it's all there, at least that's some sort of progress.

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