Thursday, September 8, 2011

back to the classroom

Dear students,

You are adorable. But seriously, you need to do some things for me so I don't lose my mind.

a. Double check your course numbers when you sign up for classes. Also read your course schedule, and make sure the things you signed up for are on there.

b. Don't use Internet Explorer. For some reason I expected you guys to be more technologically competent and/or internet-savvy than myself; apparently that was a bad call on my part.

c. Don't back out of verbal commitments made at the end of Spring term.

d. Don't second-guess every single class choice until you've actually gone to one meeting for each class.

e. Don't send me emails without greetings that demand information about "the class" without specifying which class you're talking about.

This term I'm feeling much more like a mentor than I have before. I'm not sure whether this is because I finally feel capable of focusing on that aspect of my position, or whether it's because I'm now that much older than the incoming students. Whatever the reason, I'm more amused by their craziness than annoyed by it, which is probably good progress on my part. Hello Fall 2011!

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