Sunday, September 25, 2011


Guess how much work I did this weekend?! None! Or, more specifically, I felt like crap on Friday, lazed about and organized/cleaned my house instead of working on Saturday, and did required-but-not-useful-for-the-coming-week work today. And THEN I went out and had some fun, which was really where everything went wrong.

I will pay for this evening's enjoyment by working like crazy for the next five days. Plus a field trip next weekend, so, make that six days. And I doubt I'll get far enough on posters that need to be done soon, so...7 days? Well, better call it 14 days, to be safe. At least by then I have to go to a conference, so I'll have no choice but to get my ass outta town.

So, life is crazy. But I like that my students balance my moods. Whenever I get particularly fed up with whiny kids who refuse to partner themselves out for a class project, someone gets excited about a research project or a field trip. Whenever I get frustrated by my schedule and my lack of time to do anything well, I get some really good questions about lecture material. As usual, thanks, students, for keeping me sane.

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