Sunday, October 23, 2011


After following the various Occupy Wall Street movements via Twitter this weekend, and then seeing The Ides of March (not to mention the 1995 Richard III film adaptation), I'm currently feeling more jaded than normal regarding politics in this country. My students are going to love me this week as we move into material that has some political connections. I'm that professor.

A recent discussion with my TA has revealed that I have reputation for being Hard. I'm not sure that this is a bad thing. I try to be difficult but fair and open to questions/tutoring/office hour help. This generally favors those who try over those who are apathetic, which is ok with me. But maybe I need to take it back a step? I am conflicted about my own opinion on this issue.

In any case, this past weekend was a nice domestic break, as I did a lot of cleaning, laundry, raking, and cooking, and only a little bit of work. The next two weeks will be work all the time every day, so it's a good thing I had some time for basic home maintenance. But, two more weeks, and then I'll basically be home free in terms of 7-day weeks. No more of them for months! I'm not even sure what I will do with myself with all those days "off". Yikes. Next thing you'll be telling me I'll be working 8-hour days as well (hah!).

And so, the mid-term doldrums, but I'll be free of them soon.

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