Sunday, October 2, 2011


Today appears to be Abortion Protest Day in Small Town, which always makes me angry. At least this group was using text-only signs; no pictures of dead babies that may or may not have been aborted. I'm just trying to go buy some liquor on my Sunday afternoon, crazy people, so back off.

Also, I am mostly annoyed that they have little kids out there holding signs. If you think so highly of a particular ideal that you want to hold signs, fine, but I don't think your 6-year-old is really capable of deciding that for herself.

So now that I've spent 12 full hours of my weekend on work, and still haven't gotten to my grading, it is time to procrastinate with some decent exercise. If I'm feeling so sore tomorrow that I can't climb stairs, I will feel much less guilty about the fact that I will have no time to work out.

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Anonymous said...

I see a lot of that, too, and wonder who has that much time on their hands in this economy? Wouldn't your mission be better off if you spent the time volunteering at schools or other outreach programs for teens, to help them make good choices in the first place?