Wednesday, December 21, 2011


December is my favorite month, and not just because I don't have to spend much time at the office. I also love me some winter weather, although winter has thus far been pretty warm and disappointing. I'm going to be on leave this Jan and Feb in a much warmer place, and so I had hoped for a bit of snow this month. I'm sure everyone else hates me for even thinking of such a thing.

So, since finishing my grading and sitting through a variety of post-term meetings, I've largely been writing up my "statements" for my fourth-year review and cleaning my house, so that my house-sitter won't suspect that we generally live in a state of permanent dustiness. These thing have been good for my ego and my allergies; I actually really enjoy reflecting on the last few years in my job, and I feel very accomplished once I list everything that I've done. Also, packing, which is going slowly but surely. It's hard to pack while keeping the house clean.

Happy Holidays and enjoyable grant writing for January NSF deadlines to all.

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