Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Recently I've been exchanging emails with various collaborators who have misunderstood field arrangements or have thoughts that I disagree with concerning our work. I find that in these cases, once I've read an email that contains something I feel needs correction, I obsess over the wording of the email I want to send in return until I've sent it, at which point I can forget about the issue completely. But, if I don't send the email right away, my brain can't let it go, regardless of whether I'm exercising, reading, or trying to sleep. This is new to me, but maybe it's just because I'm now more personally involved with the research collaborations I've developed. Or maybe I'm becoming more obsessive in my old age. I end up writing back immediately just to get this stuff out of my brain, which is probably not a good thing overall since I think I end up being more defensive and negative as a first reaction.

I've also been renewing memberships to professional societies now that it's the end of the year. Am I a horrible person for maintaining my "early career" status whenever I'm allowed to do so, and therefore continuing to pay less? If the jump between "early career" and "professional" wasn't so huge, I might be more inclined to do it, but c'mon professional societies, I'm broke. There should be some sort of discounted "single salary household" status that makes me feel less guilty.

I've begun the "small panic attacks" stage of planning for an extended research period abroad. This time with Partner coming too, things are a little more complicated and require more prep - like paying bills while we're gone. I think I've got most of it worked out at this point. I'm sure I'll find out what I'm forgetting when my car is repossessed, or something equally disastrous happens. Or, at least I'll be happy if the repercussions are less severe.

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