Friday, January 20, 2012


I'm done with one article, and now I'm back to literature reviewing, which I don't enjoy as much as writing every other part of a manuscript. So, boo for new lit reviews, particularly when it's on a subject that at least four other people have reviewed in excellent detail. Can't I just put those references in and move on?

This week: One page of writing per day, and enough reading to get that one page, minimum. Also, language review. Then we'll spend a few days going to a major tourist site, which Partner has never seen. Hopefully I'll get more motivated with the writing, instead of switching back to the internet every ten minutes.


T said...

You can't do that? It's totally a-okay in my field to only include what's directly relevant and then to say, "so-and-so has done an excellent and thorough survey of the related literature [insert citation]."

Liberal Arts Lady said...

No, I can do that, and I will, but only within the context of a rough outline of what those review articles cover, or the readers of this chapter will be very lost. So, yes, good point. Somehow having those articles makes it worse when I have to re-create my own version, since I know that all my effort is completely useless outside of the context of this specific piece of work. That, and I feel driven to verify everything myself, even after it's been cited fifty times.