Wednesday, January 11, 2012


So, I've been in Foreign Country for just over a week, and I cannot BELIEVE how much work I'm getting done, without even trying. This is despite about three days of jet-lagged semi-uselessness. So far, I have:

- written almost all of a manuscript that I've been trying to get myself to write for the past year
- reviewed a paper for a journal
- edited a grant proposal
- written a letter of recommendation
- had my first tutoring session in the local language
- spent most of a day doing touristy stuff in the big city
- exercised for at least an hour on most days
- slept a lot
- found all the local grocery-shopping options
- spent some time with the Pimsleur language program on my ipod
- sent out various "connection" emails and done other logistical work I never have time to do

Holy crap, I am officially temporarily jealous of all you people at research universities who get more writing time. I hadn't written in so long that I completely forgot that I really ENJOY writing when I get into it. It's really nice to feel that again.

Tomorrow I get a chance to go out and do some of the data collection that I'm here for, which will mesh fairly well with a little bit of out-of-town tourism and a good meal at a restaurant I like to frequent when I'm here during the summer.

I need to start making more use of the library here, which is part of the reason I came, but it will be really nice to have this manuscript written and done and off my plate for a while before I dive into some reading. Hooray for being on leave, at least for now. I'm waiting to see how long it takes for me to get excited about my next class - I'm sure it won't take too long.

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