Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Time to start looking forward to home. Field work is done, report is drafted, I still have things to do but I'm slowly checking them off my list. So I'm starting to keep mental lists of what I'll get in just under one week. Here's what I want, not in order of current cravings:

- a HOT shower with good pressure. I should be happy that I have a shower here, every day, and it's warm to warmish, but I'm really missing my own bathroom.
- not unrelated: the ability to flush toilet paper
- COFFEE. Good coffee made in my awesome coffee maker.
- the ability to have a morning routine that does not involve interacting with other people. Eating breakfast here requires a public appearance, so I can't really be the grumpy person I prefer to be for the first hour or so of the morning.
- A variety of foods, which include tacos, salads and Midori martinis.
- Reliable internet

In other news, I'm working on a manuscript draft with my graduate adviser. In this new paper I'm including parts of an old paper that we wrote when I was a student, submitted for publication, but did not revise and resubmit. I enjoy that my adviser is currently attacking her own old text as much as my new text; I feel much better about my own writing now.

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