Friday, February 24, 2012


We have just under two weeks left before we head back to the lovely Midwest, which now appears to be re-inventing winter just for us. I'm about ready to head home - my 6-week window of being content with research abroad apparently extends to all types of research, and not just fieldwork. I'm just as burnt out on the food and the close living arrangements as I usually am at the end of a field season, despite the fact that I've had it much easier these past few months than I do during the summer.

Before we go, we have a few touristy spots to check out and one more day of real fieldwork. I have to write a report, ideally I will finish one more manuscript, and I will give a talk on what I've been doing. Given that my proposed project degenerated into a pilot study, this talk will not be particularly exciting.

It's been nice to have a chance to do the time-intensive jobs of academia without worrying about my overall schedule. I've had more journal and grant review requests so far this year than I've had during any previous term, and luckily I've had the time to spend on them. I've also prepped a little bit for next term's courses, and I'll have a manuscript to submit as soon as I get back to finish a few details.

At the same time, I'm a little burned out on writing all day and am looking forward to teaching again. I should never apply for a publication fellowship - some days I end up spending no time on my writing projects because I'm sick of looking at them.

I think Partner is more than ready to go back to a place where he has useful things to work on and his own plans to make. He's been very supportive and good at entertaining himself, but I can't blame him for being anxious to get home. I'm glad he got to see this place, though, and I think he'd agree that it was worth it.

Back to work, self! I'm hoping that admitting the end of my time here will motivate a little bit more of a writing work ethic for the coming week.

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