Monday, March 5, 2012


The time to fly is rapidly approaching. I would like to know what law of the universe decrees that no matter how long I'm gone, where I go, or what I buy while I'm abroad, my bags are always, always, always stuffed completely full and are barely within the weight limit. It's one of the great mysteries.

This morning we headed out on the town one more time to take some photos and to find a gift for one more friend. Then we packed, showered and ate, and are now just killing time before we try to get to bed early, an effort which I'm sure will prove to be a complete failure.

We will be up long before dawn to attempt a final passage through this insane airport, where I will count myself lucky if I don't have to unpack every single bag to show security some piece of equipment that I won't be able to describe in the local language anyway, so that they will eventually just ask me whether I'm checking the bag and wave me through. I always have this dread that they'll confiscate something at the last minute, despite the fact that I've dragged most of this gear through this airport many times before. Last time we left we just had to account for our laptops, so I hope tomorrow is equally painless.

Hot showers and coffee are still at the top of my cravings list, so Wednesday will be extremely exciting.

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