Wednesday, March 7, 2012

home again

My trip home was the least well-organized thing ever, thanks to United and their decision that merging with Continental should mean reinventing their entire computer system and then not training any of their employees in its use. Awesome times for us, but I shouldn't complain, since we are home now and nothing really bad happened, assuming that the bag I'm still missing does arrive at some point in the future.

Today we got so much done - cleaned the house (it wasn't bad, but I apparently have higher cleanliness standards than most people), did piles and piles of laundry, went shopping for all the food and cleaning staples that we had used up in December, set up the home computers, went through some of the mail, etc etc. Tomorrow I have to head to the office, but we're mostly unpacked now, which means I should have plenty of time.

I got coffee and showers, and will be enjoying that Midori martini this evening. Things I notice about my house, now that I've been out of it for a while:

- we have really hot water, and should probably turn the water heater down a bit
- we get nothing but junk mail
- we live in an amazingly quiet place
- my old house is really creaky. I apparently got used to this, but now I'm noticing again.

The cat was very happy to see us, and has been very cute in her neediness. I'm waiting for her to decide that we should be punished instead of loved.


T said...

You absolutely have higher standards than most people. I've never been so embarrassed as when I cleaned my apartment for you and you came by and immediately started scrubbing everything down. (Okay, maybe that's hyperbole and I have been more embarrassed other times. But I swear I did clean for you.)

Alyssa said...

Welcome home! Funny the things you notice when you've been away for a while.