Thursday, March 8, 2012


I was never informed that there would be an actual DAY on which I would have to decide between things that would make having a family impossible from a practical/scheduling standpoint (a) and things that would make having a family the default primary goal of the next few years (b), since the only reason to say no to (a) would be to pursue (b).

This choice cannot be unmade, and will not be available again if I say no to (a). Given that (a) is something I always thought I wanted and was working toward, I am currently feeling that life as a field scientist can be very unfair.

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Anonymous said...

Obviously I have no idea what choice you're facing, but I despise facing life-altering choices with mutually exclusive options. It seems especially "unfair" when one option is reflective of my personal self and one of my professional self, both of which are integral parts of my sense-of-self. Knowing that life isn't fair doesn't make it any easier. My thoughts (and sympathy) are with you.