Saturday, April 7, 2012


Today I loaded up on supplies for a few home projects that I will probably never find the time to finish.  But, at least I have mulch for some potential 10 pm mulching sessions, I guess.  During my short drive I noticed a house that we had looked at when we were buying four years ago.  The new owners have installed red light bulbs in the outdoor lights and placed several garden statues of the Virgin Mary in the front yard.  Interesting combination.  I am also amused, for some reason, by people who mow their lawns at an angle.  I would imagine that takes a lot more planning.

Last week I overheard the following conversation on campus:

Student 1: Do you want me to email you later?
Student 2: No, I'll just be in a movie, so you should text me.  I'll be able to text.

Students, this is why old people hate you.

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