Saturday, April 28, 2012


Every peak has its slump, I suppose.  Partner is home again, but with an injury, so while it's nice to have him back I also now have someone to take care of, in addition to re-adjusting my schedule to normal dinner times and more regular hours out of the house.  I've felt overwhelmed lately with PLANNING, which seems like a ridiculous thing to take up entire working days.  But between campus service, a fast-approaching summer field season, and a role organizing the upcoming meeting of my professional society, there are several hours spent on emails and online forms on some days. 

Other near-end-of-term activities, like advising, also steal hours, and then I get crappy news, like the fact that one of the reviewers of a recently rejected grant proposal objected to the fact that the name of the research team under which my project would take place did not seem to have much to do with the topic of my proposed research.  If this is considered a valid reason to tank my proposal, I'm giving up all hope of ever receiving outside funding.  Is it so unreasonable to expect that members of interdisciplinary projects be evaluated independently, no matter what the team itself might be called? 

Also, students, I would like to note that if you put me down as a reference without ever asking me whether I would be willing to act as one, and without explaining the position you're applying for, you can be fairly sure that the resulting letter will be even worse than the mediocre letter I might have been willing to write for you if you had asked.

Ok, May, time to show me some good times.

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