Wednesday, April 18, 2012

good days

I've been getting ridiculous amounts of work done, both in some house projects and at the office.  Being too sick to interact with people, yet still being mostly physically functional, over a rainy weekend really helped with this, as does my two-days-a-week teaching schedule.  I never realized how much impact a teaching schedule can have on productivity - my Tuesdays and Thursdays are really packed, but the rest of the week I manage to find time for class prep AND writing.  Unfortunately, this particular combination of non-lab courses will probably never occur again, and I'll definitely be back to five-days-a-week in the fall.

Also, of course, not having a significant other at home, while more lonely, certainly frees up a lot of evening time for working late and exercising late and eating late, which I would not inflict on others but which works pretty well for me.  I'll have to curb the late-night activity once Partner is done with his travels.

I've also had a few students stop by this week to tell me how much they're enjoying my class, or how interested they are in pursuing my subfield, or just to work extra hours on projects.  I'm not sure whether it's the near-middle-of-term status of this week or the weather, but I've quite enjoyed the positive feedback as I ride my productivity wave.  Good timing students!  As always, the students make or break this job, and I'm currently feeling gratitude for their awesomeness.  

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