Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Status: waiting. 

For more senior scientists to read manuscripts.  For more senior scientists to get their shit together.  For more senior scientists to respond to email.  For more senior scientists to place any of the above as equally important as other things they're up to, before they go on vacation.

For funding decisions.  For feedback on rejected grant proposals.  For pilot data that would make the receipt of these grants much more likely.  For permission to sample museum collections.

For students to come get help.  For students to do their work.  For students to get their independent project disasters out of my lab.

For my fourth-year review feedback.  For constructive criticism.  For action items based upon a recent external review.  For tenure. 

For a salary that would let me buy the house I want to buy.  For the ability to live outside of town, since town makes me crazy.  For a sustainably employed husband.

Belated spoiler alert: I'm disgruntled and whining today. 

Today: tired of the perpetual waiting. 

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