Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Summer, it is over, and I've been really out of touch.  Thankfully my return to normalcy includes regular internet access.

To sum up about two months of life:

First, I had my very first hit of serious sexism-in-academia, a very negative resulting week, and a lot of rage.  Luckily I was too busy to really dwell on things in the immediate aftermath, but I will say that I have some fabulous peers who encouraged me to seek some support against false accusations that could potentially come back to bite me.  I also have an amazing Dean, which is another great benefit.  I will be stepping away from this entire situation in the near future, despite the science that won't be pursued as a result.  Not worth it. 

After this debacle, I was off on eight weeks of field work with people I really enjoy working with, and I appreciated that even more after such a negative beginning to the summer.  It was a great season, though insanely exhausting and a lot of work.  We laid a lot of groundwork for future seasons, and I now hold a key to our project apartment abroad, which is a strange thing to me but a good sign of stability.

I had brilliantly arranged for a very physical vacation post-summer, so Partner and I were off a few days after I got home to walk through the woods and hang out on the water.  It was great, but I was a little worn out after the summer and my body did not particularly appreciate sleeping on the ground.  Still, good times, and nice to spend some time with Partner after such a long absence.

Now, back to the office, manuscript revisions, frantic prep for lectures that I am not ready to give.  But, it is nice to be back to a different kind of work.  A few weeks of yoga and I may finally feel like the summer is behind me.

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Alyssa said...

Sorry about starting the summer on such a sour note - glad to hear the rest went much better!