Monday, September 10, 2012


I could almost be convinced that the weather doesn't suck any more, except that I know it's a lie and the heat will return soon.  Damn you, summer, go away!

How is life already so crazy that I'm eating dinner at 8? 

Partner is waiting, as usual, on news regarding his job situation for the rest of the year - until then we can't make many plans for the near future, since his schedule will be very different depending upon the outcome.  I'm waiting to see what happens before scheduling weekend activities, which is kinda irritating.


Fighting the urge to snark at insane manuscript reviewers in my response.  Who, I ask you, has the time to submit pages of line-by-line inane commentary on a manuscript?  This person needs to get a hobby. 

Rewriting an NSF that might actually maybe perhaps have a chance of being funded.

Debating: Sewer Line Insurance?  Probably a good idea.  Overly expensive, though.

I'm an idiot and decided to up my field trip count for my fall course, which means that I need to go scout some field trips and then take students on said field trips.  Whose bright idea was this, again?  But, I otherwise have a bit of a slower year this year in terms of travel, so that will be nice - one conference, maybe two if I get ambitious, this fall, and NO FIELD WORK this winter.  It's insanity.  I don't know what I'll do with myself.

 If I can get myself motivated enough to finish these damned revisions, that will be a good first step.

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