Friday, October 19, 2012


Today started out fairly crap, with the last of my most recent three-a-week chiropractic visits.  These have not slowed down but have instead become a prolonged game of "things are staying approximately the same so let's try something new again" in which I have now been x-rayed in hopes of figuring out wtf is going on.  I am mostly frustrated because three weeks ago I was almost back to normal and then I wasn't any more; I hate back-sliding.  I also hate handing over large percentages of my paycheck for things that are not helping in an obvious and immediate way, and feeling way too young to be having these problems.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised, considering what I put my back through most summers.

The rest of the day was better - I had some good interactions with people, crossed a few things off my to-do list and ended the day with an article submission.  Then I went home and cranked up the heat for dinner and a movie; I particularly love a movie night when it's cold and dark out.  I like winter; I'm a freak, maybe, but I do, and this transitional 70-degrees-to-40-degrees-in-two-days weather in the Midwest drives me a little crazy.  Stay cold, damn it!

A mixed bag, maybe.  But not a bad week. 

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