Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Random bullets of random

- Every time I unexpectedly need to reveal my undergarments to a doctor, I find that I'm wearing the oldest and crappiest of my undergarments on that day.

- I'd like to know why every single week feels like the last one that will be this crazy; if I can only get through it, things will settle down.  Until the next one.  

- Having recently (and continually) had need of a chiropractor, I find myself cursing the fact that chiropractic care is considered something less than actual medical care in this country, particularly by my insurance.  If some guy can put things back in place and make the pain stop, I'm not arguing.  Not all of them are into weird alternative techniques, and I kinda wish we'd acknowledge that fact.

- My cat is a jackass who has decided that all unapproved variations in her nightly schedule will result in punishment, which for her means pooping on our carpet.  We go out, she poops.  Not good. See point two above.

- Fall beers are fabulous, and make all of this far more manageable. 

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