Saturday, November 17, 2012


Where the hell did November go, and why did I not notice until it was almost over?  This fall has been the fastest term so far - one in which I'm always racing to keep up.  And yet I'm sad to see it go. 

I think I'm becoming a pushover in my old age.  I give more extra credit, I'm kinder when I grade, I give fewer late deductions than I initially threaten.  I run multiple review sessions.  I'm not sure where this change came from.  But according to my TA I still give challenging exams, so there's that.

This month I'm way behind on writing projects, including an accepted article for which the same imagery I've always used for publication is suddenly not high enough quality.  I'm not sure what exactly to do about that one, except send the originals to the editor, which makes me feel guilty for giving him more work.  Guilt complex, you know.

At home, Partner is back at work for the year in preparation for a few years of school, which will begin next September.  So he's in "make all the money" mode, except that each time he returns to work we tend to spend his first few paychecks on things we've been wanting, so it doesn't actually go into the bank.  This year we paid for some of my conference travel, spent a decent amount on eyeglasses and chiropractic care, and then got some carpet we've been wanting/needing, so that's all very nice but is not helping very much in preparing for our future return to a one-salary household.  

Next up, holidays, and my very favorite part of the year in which it's cold out and dark in the evenings and I can pretend the rest of the world no longer exists once I'm home at night.  That probably indicates a personality disorder of some sort, but I hate daylight savings time and love December.  And now I have new carpet to keep my feet warm.

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JaneB said...

Yay for December (at least, yay for the bit of December when term is over and I can hibernate...) - I can't wait! Snuggly jumpers, fires, hot drinks, and a perfectly good reason to stay home with a book...