Friday, December 14, 2012


Nothing flies by as fast as a break.  And I still haven't cleaned my lab.

The weather in early December was crazy, like late spring temperatures, and a student who will be working with me on a project next term was still in town, so we decided to go do some field work while the weather was nice.  This took a few days, what with some equipment malfunctions, but it was a nice excuse to get outside. 

Then there was the mandatory office cleaning, which is almost finished, and the writing of grad school recommendation letters, which is halfway done.  My NSF MRI resubmission is also basically finished, even though the deadline has been pushed back, and I have some collaborative writing bits that just need gloss. 

All of this would be much easier to complete if my laptop had not been stolen from me by our computer services people for updating.  It had better be back in my possession tomorrow, or I will not be polite. 

I have also completed the great Winter House Cleaning of 2012, which this year included steaming all the rugs.  The first time we used the new steam cleaner I was horrified by the amount of dirt that came out after vacuuming.  Gross.

I may have also been making up for the lack of movies and video games and other down time activities in my life.  This month I finally figured out how to cook with eggplant, without deep frying it, due primarily to the fact that we received the Veganomicon as a gift from a friend.  If you are at all veggie, I highly recommend it.

Now, Partner is sick, and I am trying to get some things done before mandatory family holiday time arrives. Some stuff, like syllabus-writing, is just going to have to happen on the road.