Saturday, January 5, 2013

bad signs

First weekend of 2013.  So far, this year is not my friend.

-Back problems continue (damn you body, behave now that I have permission to stop paying doctors).  
-I'm already a bit daunted by this term's "to do" list, which includes two full-time research students, some upcoming manuscript deadlines and a class that I'm reorganizing significantly. 
-Partner was called in at 3:30 am last night, and then went in again at 10 am.  He will probably be on call a lot over the next few months, so I hope this 3:30 am thing is not going to continue. 
-Our oven decided to go crazy while I was making dinner this evening; some research reveals that it was actually recalled in 2009, but even the recall fix might not solve the problem (if the citizens of the internet can be trusted) so we're better off buying something else anyway. 

Maybe time for a New Year's resolution after all: don't complain too much on the blog. 

I'm also commissioning a small table (via Partner's carpentry skills) to put on my desk at work, to accommodate my laptop and mouse as a standing desk.  I have a kneeling chair in there already, but that becomes a bit much for the shins after a few hours.  Let's see whether I can stand while writing; if so it might be a nice third option for the office. 

2013, you are welcome to improve at any time.  


JaneB said...

Oh, why not complain on the blog, it's probably better than suppressing all the complains or letting them out on the people around you (although cats seem to be quite immune to negative consequences of being complained at)... hoping the year gets better!

Liberal Arts Lady said...

Hah, I like that logic! Cats are good that way, that is true.