Tuesday, January 8, 2013

current states

We have a new system at work, wherein the files I save to my desktop while connected to the campus network will be available on the desktop of the classroom computer when I log in.  This is nice, in that I don't have to keep track of a usb stick, but I'm a little bit displeased by the fact that the students will get to see my computer desktop every time I exit out of my powerpoint to show a video or website.  So far, I've attempted to clean things up prior to each class period, and to at least put things into folders when they have students' names as part of the file name.  I should experiment with limiting display settings, but that seems irritating since any changes made in the classroom will be reflected in my office. 

Which leads us to right now: I still don't have a lecture ready for my 9 am class, but my desktop files are super organized.

I have two students doing serious directed research this term, the kind that will hopefully be publishable.  One is doing part of a local study that they helped to design, the other is helping me with the lab portion of an external collaboration that involves foreign samples.  Both are great students, but hey, undergrads need supervision and direction, so I have already spent a lot of time in the lab with them over the first few days of the term.  It's been a while since I've had two students at a time doing work that actually needed to be reproducible (read: actually working on lab work that is part of MY research), not to mention that one is working with samples that can't be replaced, and I admit that I kinda forgot how much time it takes for me to be as available as I need to be.  It's great, and I like that I'm forced to spend time in the lab, but today I didn't have time eat lunch, so I will probably have to reevaluate how this is going to work from a scheduling standpoint.

The theme for this week: busy.  Back to lecture writing.

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